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  • Grouse Hunting in Idaho W/ Andrew Wayment and his new book September 23, 2018
    We dig into Andy's new Book Idaho Grouse Hunting  Get some education, some laughs and some memories. Then go buy his newest book. Andy writes from the heart. No exaggeration, no impossible feats, just a bird hunter/dog lover who shares his passions. If I could write a book, this one is how I would picture […]
  • Kennels & Ammo made in America September 16, 2018
    I sit down with Addison Edmonds and Adam Ziegler. Both of these men started companies, with one thought in mind. How can I make the best product? Gunner Kennels set the standard for safe transportation of mans best friend, Adam Ziegler is setting the standard for upland and waterfowl shotshells. 
  • West Nile in the uplands W/ Ed Arnett September 14, 2018
    My friend Ed Arnett comes on to talk about the disease we have all been talking about. its past and its future. and what it could mean in the future. And of course, we talk a little about DOGS!! 
  • Nick's Wild Ride September 9, 2018
    Nick Hoffman has a hunting, travel, adventure show. Nick's Wild Ride is no flash in the pan. He brings many worlds together with his TV show. Filmed around the globe with gun,appetite, and appreciation of cultures that many of us don't get to experience. He came in from Nashville and somehow ended up here at the […]
  • Hunting South Dakota September 5, 2018
    Casey Weismantel comes on this episode to talk pheasant hunting in the friendliest state in the USA. We talk about the oppotunities, the history and reason more birds are harvested in SD than anywhere else in the country. The bird numbers are up and so is my desire to get back there!!!
  • Feeding your hunting dogs/With Purina's Dr. Brian Zanghi September 2, 2018
    Brian Zanghi answers some listeners questions and gives a ton of good information about what it takes to keep our K-9s in tip-top shape and health.
  • NAVHDAs Invitational test. August 26, 2018
    Tracey Nelson brings us up to par on the test of all tests, under the NAVHDA umbrella. We break down what this event is all about. From its beginings to present. A few stats, a few tips, and  a few funny stories of my past efforts and others that have trained for it. This test […]
  • TJ McKenzie, Dad, Teacher, Dog man, August 24, 2018
    After the second day of a three-day judging assignment, TJ and I set down for a beer and swap tales of bird hunting, raising daughters and all things in between.
  • Gordon Setters!!! W/ Stephen Faust August 16, 2018
    Very good conversation with Stephen Faust and his life with Gordon Setters. Not only does he guide in several states, he has been mooching birds right in my backyard!!  great final story on his favorite double gun. And some old soul stuff as well. Enjoy
  • Meadow Kouffeld, Extreme Huntress August 10, 2018
    We catch up with Meadow right after her week-long competition. Matching her skills against the top women of the outdoor world. Along with some stories of her adventures with her sister Maggie, around the globe. And of course, we touch on Wirehairs..opps Dratharrs

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