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  • Michigan Hunting Dog Federation July 19, 2018
    Mike Thurman is our Knight in shining armor. This group is largely responsible for keeping our rights to hunt with dogs in Michigan. Listen close and learn a lot. Please share this info with your friends and family. if you love your dog,you owe the MHDF a debt of gratitude.
  • Getting Pheasant hunting back in Michigan July 15, 2018
    Ken Dalton is a man with a mission. Remembering the good old days of pheasants in Michigan, he is determined to create hunting opportunities for family's to get back in the field, chasing the iconic Ringneck pheasant. By modeling after states like Pennslyvania and Wisconsin and at least a dozen other states from coast to […]
  • High School clay target leagues, with Jason Klevie July 8, 2018
    Jason works for USA High School Clay Target League. You won't believe how big this program is. 22,000 school age kids are swinging scatterguns as part of their schools sports program! Wish I had this back in the day. 
  • Ken Whitney/ NAVHDA judge and my mentor July 1, 2018
    Ken is one of my early connections to NAVHDA. He also has a long history with VDD GNA ( that's German Wirehairs registered in Berlin) We just touch on his 40 plus years of hunting,testing, and judging the versatile breeds. I will be having Ken on again, to get even deeper.
  • Shells R Us with Chris Noel June 24, 2018
    Chris and I talk ammo, some do's and some donts. We also talk about great waterfowling around the country. His best and worst dog tales from the blind.Along with some of my worst dogs ever.
  • Larry brown/ Shorthairs/Pheasants and the CIA!!! June 18, 2018
    Larry Brown is a well known writer, for more years than I have been hunting. His backstory is as interesting as his life with dogs,birds and shotguns. Shooting over pointing dogs while stationed in the middle east, and bringing that passion back to the states, and eventually to the pages of GunDog and Pointing Dog […]
  • Ben O'Williams part 3 June 11, 2018
    Ben's new book is getting printed as we recorded this interview. We talk about his training days as a college student. and how it shaped his future hunting. The up and down cycles of birds, His slightly odd way of using dog training collars. And much more. including his favorite drink at the end of […]
  • Dale Ray, Spinones and Setters and Pointers, Oh My!!! June 3, 2018
    I met Dale almost 20 years ago. He pulled into training grounds with a breed that not many hunters were willing to try. Yet he went further with those dogs than most hunters ever do. listen up as we go down memory lane.
  • Glenn Blackwood, The hunters librarian. May 27, 2018
    Glen Blackwood in a Michigan grouse and woodcock addict. So much so, that if he isn't out swinging a double gun or fishing, he is reading, collecting and selling books about hunting and fishing. With a stockpile of 4000 books on the shelves of his fly shop in Rockford MI. Get a pencil and pad […]
  • Joe Braman, Houndsman and more May 21, 2018
      Besides running Walker hounds on bobcats and lions, running a brewery and winery, Joe is running to the aid of the African Rhino. Joe has been training an elite pack of Texas hounds to live in Africa and help track down and apprehend poachers!!! That's right, stopping poaching under the threat of being run […]

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