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  • Delmar Smith February 19, 2018
    I still need to pinch myself, that I was able to spend time with a legend of the dog training world. Delmar was born into a world that most,or all of us can't wrap our minds around. A life of working with animals and the natural world. His simple approach to training has brought him […]
  • Randy Herlin, Setters and set backs February 11, 2018
    This interview was inspiring, in fact, it helped me rethink my own passions for dogs and birds. Randy lost most of his right leg to cancer about 9 years ago, but he never lost his drive or his passion for bird hunting. he is NOT a handicapped hunter!!!! He is a true sportsman with a […]
  • Card game and dog stories from the kennel February 5, 2018
    I hit the record button during our (almost monthly) card game. A bunch of my NAVDA training/hunting buddies, tell a few stories about first dogs, best dogs, and who's the worst wingshot. might be some PG13 language. and not politically correct dog stories.
  • MTN OPS with Matt Davis January 21, 2018
    Matt Davis is a hardcore chuckar and upland hunter. He is also the sales and marketing VP. of MTN OPS. We talk about the company he works for and the company he keeps in the field. His dogs Reload and Avery make the dynamic dual of hunting the high west.
  • Vintage Double Guns with Kirby Hoyt January 16, 2018
    I have been waiting a long time to get Kirby on the podcast. My passion for old double guns has been growing.Kirby Hoyt is my go-to guy for stepping into the next level of shooting heritage firearms. When you hold a scattergun that has history,lore, and a feel of art, it makes the upland experiance […]
  • Randy Newberg, grouse hunting strategies January 8, 2018
    One of my favorite conversations ever. Randy Newberg is known for his elk hunting in the Rocky Mountains, but what what most people dont know is he has a grouse obsession that overwhelms him. He is known for stopping a elk stalk to arrow his favorite table fare. growing up in northern Minnesota, he gathered […]
  • Braque Francais with Seth Leyendecker January 5, 2018
    Seth drives over to the kennel with one of his dogs, and we dig deep into his favorite breed. The Braque Francais not a French Shorthair!! We dig into the Clubs of rare breeds, and talk about the reasons we choose a breed that is not well known in the uplands of the USA   […]
  • Pointing Labs with Dale Merritt December 22, 2017
    Finally did the episode that folks have been asking me for three years.. Dale Merritt has been hunting and breeding pointing labs for 25 years. We talk about the history, and the future of the pointing Lab in America. It was a real eye opener for me. Let  me know if this was something you […]
  • "Grouse, Partridge, and Open Skies" The latest book from Craig Kulchak December 19, 2017
    Criags latest book is a good read,makes me feel like an underachiever when it come to adventures with my dogs. Along with his quirky habit of never going on a hunting trip without a package of Oreo cookies for him and his dogs, he also has an obsession with a 1960 Land Rover. Also know […]
  • Wild Pheasants are back in Pennsylvania !!!! December 12, 2017
    I have been waiting to get Tom Keller to join me to talk about wild pheasant restocking in Pennsylvania. He is a busy man back in the Keystone state. Starting off studying American Woodcock, then jumping into the pheasant relocation program. In 1971 PA residents harvested 1.2 million ringnecks. Those days are long gone, but […]

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